Schumer: $8.2 million for Lake Erie barrier in Athol Springs

Aug 10, 2019

US Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, has announced the US Army Corps of Engineers has awarded an $8.2 million contract for construction of a new, safer, and more durable stone barrier along Route 5 in Athol Springs. It is meant to minimize the effects of crashing waves from Lake Erie during large storms.

Waves crash onto Route 5 during November 2015 storm.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

Construction on the new seawall is scheduled to get underway in October, and will improve conditions for commuters and area residents in bad conditions, which frequently close the roadway.

"This federal investment is a major victory for public safety along Route 5 in Athol Springs, which has been compromised by a crumbling break wall that doesn’t shield drivers as waves come crashing over from Lake Erie," Schumer said. "This new barrier wall will shield drivers during even the most treacherous of conditions that are trying to get home, to school or to their job."

The project design is already completed for the approximately 1,325 foot wall with a 15 foot wide splash apron that will double as a concrete walkway in milder weather.