Schumer bill looks to combat drug epidemic

Feb 19, 2016

Senator Charles Schumer says Congress can reverse the skyrocketing rate of fatal drug overdoses by providing an infusion of funding.

Joining Senator Schumer on Thursday were David Edick (left) and David Bull. The men hold pictures of their sons, lost to drug overdoses.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Schumer discussed his forthcoming Senate bill during a Thursday visit to Horizons Health. It calls for the appropriation of  $600 million for both treatment and law enforcement.

"We in Erie County have lost over 400 lives to overdoses since 2014, 400 lives," said Horizons Health President and CEO Anne Constantino. She was flanked during the press conference by parents who had lost children to overdoses.

"Average age 38. Youngest aged 17. In 2016, as the senator mentioned, we lost 23 lives in ten days. It's shocking, sad and devastating."

Schumer says senators recognize the problem because they see it themselves. He's not sure about the House but representatives are also seeing the health emergency and the cash would start flowing immediately after the president signs the bill and he will and millions will come to Western New York for treatment and for police.