Schumer calls for federal probe of contaminated baby food

Oct 21, 2019

The Senate's top Democrat is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to examine a report that found dozens of baby food products contaminated with lead and other metals.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday the FDA must take more action to regulate the baby food industry.

“Heavy metals in baby foods mixed with inaction by the FDA on this issue is a recipe for disaster, and a rightful concern of parents," Schumer said.

A study by Healthy Babies Bright Futures found the presence of heavy metals in 95% of the 168 baby foods that were tested. The study found 95% of the food tested contained lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium. It found one in four baby foods that were tested contained all four metals.

The New York senator said consumers "rightfully expect those foods to be undeniably safe, appropriately regulated and nutritiously sustaining."

He said federal regulators should examine the study and release a public statement of their findings.