Seneca Bluffs slated for habitat restoration

Oct 7, 2016

Efforts toward Great Lakes habitat restoration continue, as a ground breaking ceremony took place for a new local project Friday in South Buffalo.

Government and environmental officials are celebrating the start of the Seneca Bluffs Ecosystem Restoration project.

The county recently purchased property adjacent to the park as part of plans for the parks expansion. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz says it’s all a part of a broader plan for the area’s parks.

"We want people to understand that parks are everywhere, not just big parks in the suburbs or in the forests like we have in the rural areas," he said. "But there are these little pocket parks that bring to the middle of the city what you would often find in the rural areas."

The project's will address several environmental issues in that area.

"This project will both preserve and enhance the habitat through measures to restore wetlands, reduce erosion, treat invasive plant species along almost half a mile of the Buffalo River shoreline," said the Army Corps of Engineers' Adam Czenkanski.