Seneca settlement boosts projects in Niagara Falls

May 21, 2014

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster says the city will be "making up for lost time" this construction season.

Credit WBFO File Photo

With the dispute over between Albany and the Seneca Nation of Indians,  Niagara Falls is planning to tackle a lengthy list of paving projects.

Streets in Niagara Falls took a beating in recent years when the city's casino revenue payments were held up because of a disagreement between the State and the Senecas. A settlement reached last summer has allowed the cash to start flowing once again.

"We have the hope that if the weather's good we'll finish these 20 (planned projects) and make an announcement about additional streets to be repaved later on in the summer time," Dyster said.

"I think the way things are this year we have more money than we're going to be able to spend unless we have absolutely perfect weather. So, I guess that's good news."

The spending plan, Dyster says, includes $2.5 million in casino revenue and just over $1 million in state aid.

"They used to call Niagara Falls the pothole capital of the world. We still have potholes here but increasingly we're winning the battle against potholes. And I think that the next paving season is going to be evidence of a very substantial investment."  
Dyster says Niagara Falls now has the money to actually do in depth repairs that will last for multiple years.