Senecas and Cuomo to meet over casino payments

Jul 8, 2017

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's hoping to avoid litigation with the Seneca Nation of Indians over casino payments. He insists the contract between the state and the Senecas requires revenue sharing from casinos to continue.

Inside Seneca Niagara Casino
Credit WBFO File Photo

Speaking in Niagara County Thursday, the Governor said a meeting between himself and Nation President Todd Gates is being set up to discuss a resolution to the dispute that started in March, when the Senecas said their contractual obligation to share casino revenue ended.

Cuomo sees it differently.

"Local governments are relying on that money," Cuomo said. "Nobody likes to pay. I understand that. But you sign a contract, you have to honor it."

In a statement, Seneca President Gates said the obligation of compensating local communities lies with the state, and he's looking forward to sitting down with the Governor to talk one-on-one.