Shauna Sever on the extradordinary evolution of Maida Heatter

Aug 30, 2019

Our contributor Shauna Sever is a fantastic baker who didn’t have to think for even a second when we recently asked her who she's a super fan of. Her answer: Maida Heatter. Heatter's cookbooks have inspired countless home bakers and pastry chefs. She was over 100 years old at the time we recorded this interview with Shauna, and sadly, Maida passed away a few weeks later. But Shauna's love for her lives on! She talks with Francis Lam about why she was drawn to Maida's work and her recipes, and about the meandering path Maida took to baking excellence. Maida can still guide your hand in the kitchen. Her last cookbook, a kind of greatest hits, is called Happiness is Baking. We have one of her absolute classic recipes from it, East 62nd Street Lemon Cake.