Shoppers flock to supermarkets ahead of storm

Jan 6, 2014

If you've visited a local grocery stores in the last few days, you've probably seen some empty shelves. Shoppers have been flooding into local markets over the last few days in anticipation of the big winter storm.

Wegmans Director of Media Relations Jo Natale says the rush began late last week.

Credit File photo

"Our stores have been extremely busy since Friday. It feels a little like Christmas all over again," Natale told WBFO News.

Natale says deliveries are running close to schedule and stores have been able to re-stock high-demand items quickly. Natale says even as items run out, stores have been able to re-stock quickly.  

"We think we're doing a good job keeping up," she says.

Natale says items of highest demand include the basics: milk, bread, and eggs. She says she doesn't anticipate a need to temporarily close any of the 24-hour stores.