Siena poll: Most believe Albany corruption will continue

Dec 15, 2015

The latest Siena College poll finds that most people agree with the corruption conviction of the state’s former longtime Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who was found guilty on seven counts two weeks ago.

The poll finds that 80 percent think Silver is guilty and the jury got it right, and 89% think corruption is a big problem in Albany. But, says Siena poll spokesman Steve Greenberg, many are cynical about hopes for reform.

“They agree with the statement that ‘Silver got caught, but the next guy will just do it more carefully’,” Greenberg said. “Voters think that politicians will continue to try and be corrupt.”

The survey was conducted from December 6-10, one day before former Senate Leader Dean Skelos was also convicted on major corruption charges, along with his son.

The poll also finds that 90 percent of New Yorkers believe there will be another terrorists attack in New York City or the state, but that very few are making any changes to avoid it, most saying they don’t want to let the terrorists win.  The majority are also against allowing Syrian refugees to come to the state at this time.

And Governor Cuomo’s numbers remain stagnant, with half having a favorable opinion of the governor, and around 40% think he’s doing a good job in office.