A sliver of light for China, U.S. trade relations?

Sep 13, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … China on Thursday said an escalation in trade conflict with the United States is not in the interest of either side. So, is a deal between the dueling trade partners likely to come before an announcement of more tariffs on Chinese imports to America? Then, economists expect Turkey’s central bank to raise rates to 20 percent on Thursday, but the country’s president just hours before called for a rate cut. We’ll explore what’s at stake. Afterwards, all this week we've been looking at the impact of the financial crisis a decade later. Thursday, we examine how the collapse changed housing fortunes for many, particularly for a group of young adults dubbed "Generation Rent.” Today's show is sponsored by Battelle (Battelle.org/QI), GAIN Capital Group (gaincapital.com) and Indeed (indeed.com/marketplace). (09/13/2018)