South Buffalo man shot by police after standoff

Jul 20, 2018

A “suicidal man” in his mid 30s was shot by a Buffalo Police officer in the 600 block of McKinley Parkway Friday afternoon.

Credit Chris Caya / WBFO

The police arrived on scene after receiving a call about a suicidal suspect. Upon arrival, officers heard what appeared to be two shots occur inside the house.

While Buffalo SWAT Team and Crisis Management were on their way, the suspect exited the house armed with a shotgun and a female who appears to have been his mother. A struggle ensued and the shotgun went off.

Captain Jeff Rinaldo said that is when officers attempted to talk the man down.

“Our officers made repeated orders to the suspect to drop the gun, drop the gun,” said Rinaldo. “He refused those orders. At that point, our officer was forced to fire at the suspect in order to stop the threat.”

The suspect was struck in the lower extremities. His current condition has not been made clear.

“The department has our entire homicide and evidence unit engaged,” said Rinaldo. “We are currently in the process of recovering any video evidence as well as talking to neighbors and witnesses as well as the officers involved. The suspect is at ECMC.”

Nobody else appears to have been harmed.

“Based on the information we have right now, the officers did an excellent job of containing this incident,” said Rinaldo. “They were forced to use deadly physical force to stop a threat.”