Southtowns communities establish task force to improve storm response

Dec 3, 2014

Officials from various Southtowns communities hit hard by the November storm are forming a task force to determine ways to improve their efforts to ensure residents safety and clean up. 

Hamburg Supervisor Steven Walters says the town utilized Erie County's emergency Disaster Local Access Network or DLAN system during the recent storm - and he says "it worked" - but notes with larger snow events it takes time mobilize help.

November storm
Credit Cheryl Hagen/WBFO News

"The county is going to have their regular equipment they use.  The state's going to have their regular equipment they use," notes Walters, adding "It's going to take time for them to mobilize additional equipment above and beyond that once we start to see the magnitude of the storm. It's during that period of time that we as local governments need to be looking at how do we keep our residents safe."

Walters says he will be inviting Erie County to join the task force, which will also include towns, villages, highway superintendents, emergency personnel and police.

The November storm dropped some seven feet of snow on areas to the south and southeast of Buffalo, stranding many motorists on roads, people at home and other places while crews worked to keep up with heavy snowfalls that began late Monday night, November 17th and continued with just a brief brake into Thursday.