SPCA asks for help identifying individual who beat turtle with bat

Jul 8, 2015

Niagara County SPCA officials are asking for the public's help identifying an individual involved in the brutal beating of a snapping turtle last month.

The SPCA has identified several of those involved in the incident but is still looking for the person who repeatedly beat the snapping turtle with a baseball bat.

A screen capture of a young male about to strike a turtle with a baseball ball.

SPCA Officials say the turtle was picked up on Cedar Road in Newstead and taken to a party on Royalton Center Road in Wolcottsville on June 6, where several high school age boys took part in a brutal beating that was caught on video.

(Note: Video contains disturbing content and vulgar language.)

The SPCA has blurred the turtle's image in the video, noting it was too graphic. The boys, though, can be  heard repeatedly yelling, "Hit it, hit it, hit it."  The sound of the turtle being struck can also be heard.

Officials say the turtle was repeatedly stabbed with a pitch fork, beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed again with a frogging fork and tossed into a fire.

Officials note those responsible will face charges of animal cruelty as well as several DEC violations.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Niagara County SPCA at 731-4368 Ext. 302.