SPCA is treating an injured Peregrine Falcon

Jul 11, 2017

An injured bird of prey, found on a city street, is being nursed back to health at the SPCA Serving Erie County.

An SPCA Veterinarian Technician "hand feeds" Franklin, an injured Peregrine Falcon.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

Director of Wildlife, Barbara Haney says, a Buffalo Police Officer found a fledgling Peregrine Falcon on the ground near Pearl and Swan Streets, overnight on Thursday, and called the SPCA. Haney says, it's just a few months old.
"It just came out of the nest. So it's a little awkward. And probably got in trouble and slammed into something. We can only guess how it was injured. But the injury is definitely an impact injury," Haney said.  

The bird's wing could remain wrapped for several more weeks. Bands put on by the state DEC show its name is Franklin and that it's one of the fledglings from Statler City, at Niagara Square, in downtown Buffalo. Haney says it's too soon to tell if or when it will be released.