Speed enforcement cameras installed in Buffalo

Dec 9, 2019

Drivers who speed past schools, in Buffalo, may not get away scot-free much longer. The city has installed school zone enforcement cameras at more than a dozen locations. 

"This is all about public safety for children," said Kevin Helfer, Buffalo's Commissioner of Parking. He says the location of the school zone enforcement cameras is based on accident data and complaints about speeding motorists.
"I get calls from the schools every day. Whether it's the principal or parents, we've seen it. We've all seen it. We've seen people just not paying attention."

Under the law, Helfer says, the city is allowed a total of 20 cameras. They will become operational in phases, starting this week. 

Side view of new speed enforcement camera
Credit Chris Caya/WBFO News

"The first 30 days will not be actual violations. They will be warning violations telling people that they sped through at an excessive speed and the camera has taken an image of them speeding. But it is a warning for 30 days," Helfer said.
After that, a $50 fine will be mailed to the vehicle owner. Helfer says getting caught by the cameras will not show up on a driver's license.
"If the police pull you over, it's a moving violation. If this is camera enforced, it is just a regular old violation that is not a moving violation," Helfer clarified.

Since there are more schools in Buffalo than speed enforcement cameras, Helfer says motorists will see new warning signs posted at each location.