Spencerport assistant principal placed on leave after social media post from protest

Sep 8, 2020

An assistant principal at Spencerport High School has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into a social media post recorded at this weekend's protests in Rochester, in which he used crude language to describe police response to protesters.

Wearing a "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt, Steve Lysenko identified himself as president of the local chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education in a short video to describe his experience at the protest. Lysenko said protesters "marched west on Court Street and we didn't do anything but chant and sing all the way, halfway across the bridge."

Then protesters were met by the Rochester Police Department.

"And guess what happened," Lynsenko continued. "Our peacekeepers ended up shooting pepper spray at us for singing and chanting and telling them what a sh**ty-a** job they were doing. They can f*** right off, America. F** the police! F*** the Rochester Police Department. Thank you."

Spencerport Central Schools responded by saying Lysenko is a "tenured administrator with due process rights," but it will not respond further given it is a personnel matter. The district also posted the following on its website and plans a public hearing on school conduct Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Credit Spencerport Central Schools