Spirits high at UB despite first round losses

Mar 21, 2016

Officials with UB athletics believe the NCAA tournament appearances by their men's and women's basketball teams are providing a glimpse to the future success of sports at the university.

Athletic Director Allen Green says other university teams are already seeing more interest from prospective athletic recruits in other sports because of basketball. Greene says this also helps fund-raising for the massive athletic development program.
"As we know, that if you're not moving forward, then you're falling behind. So, if you've got some room to go in terms of fund-raising. But, hopefully with some of this momentum we can continue to raise dollars for our facilities and our student-athletes," Green said.

Women's Coach Felisha Legette-Jack says her assistant coaches are already getting calls from students interested in playing at UB, especially from Ohio which is the heartland of the Mid-American Conference, the university's athletic home. She says parents are interested because UB students are not only starting to win, but they graduate.