Spring clean-up effort beginning on Elmwood Avenue

Apr 21, 2014

The Elmwood Village Association will hold its annual spring cleaning event this week. Spring Clean-up Week aims to beautify the neighborhood for anticipated visitors this summer.

Elmwood Village Executive Director Carly Battin says this year the effort was expanded to a weeklong affair to spur community participation and bolster more cooperation among businesses in the historic neighborhood.

Elmwood Avenue.
Credit www.visiting-newyork.net

“We’ll be doing an afternoon/evening clean-up and what it will be is just walk down the street. We will supply trash bags, brooms, everything that people will need to be able to clean-up. It will take place on different portions of Elmwood and some of the side streets. So, we’ll have the opportunity to clean-up those areas each evening,” said Battin.

Spring Clean-up Week will begin at 4 p.m. Monday and take place every evening through Saturday. Battin says anyone can get involved.

“It’s really a great opportunity to for everybody to get involved in their own neighborhood first of all. Elmwood is a really vibrant community, it’s also a very walkable community, so I’m sure people have seen since the snow melted that we have a lot of dirt, trash and things that have been built up over the winter. So, it’s a good opportunity for us to clean that up,”

Battin says the spring cleaning event will be followed by happy hour at a different venue each night.

For more information on how to get involved visit: ElmwoodVillage.org.