Spring might seem rainy but it is actually about average

May 12, 2019

This spring's weather has appeared to be a bit on the damp side, with  a number of cool rainy days over the past month.

Though it might seem unusual to have this much rain come our way this time of year, Bob Hamilton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says that it really isn't that unusual at all.

"We've got rainfall right now that's maybe an inch above normal for the past six weeks, which isn't too terribly astray from what we should normal get. Most springs, you go through a period of six, eight weeks where it's really wet; people can't get to their lawns and people complain. This isn't too far from normal."

Cool temperatures and raining days will continue over the next week of so, but Hamilton does predict that a significant warm-up will come our way in the latter part of next weekend.

He states that it is far too early to predict the sort of summer we will have, but he did mention that nothing he sees at this point would indicate anything other than a beautiful Western New York summer.