Springville-Griffith deciding on school board propositions

May 20, 2014

Voters across the region are deciding on school budgets and school board races Tuesday, but some districts are also calling on voters to decide on some propositions. In this Focus on Education report, WBFO's Eileen Buckley tells us about two propositions on today's ballot in the Springville-Griffth Central School District.

While Springville voters are deciding on a new spending plan, they're also begin asked to consider increasing the number of board members from five to seven. 

Springville-Griffith Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Connelly says last year a proposition reduced the number of school board members from seven to five.   But this year --  it's been determined that there's a need to expand the number of board members because of the reach of the district.  It several communities -- Colden, East Concord, Collins and Glenwood... 

           "And there was interest again this year to move back to seven. And Springville is a pretty big school district. We have 146 square miles and nine different taxing authorites or entities," said Connelly.

Springville voters are also being asked to decide on new term limits for school board members. A second proposition calls to increase the term three to five years. 

"And it will be interesting to see what the voters want to do. I guess there's pros and cons to both," said Connelly.

In other district voting -- the Niagara Wheatfield budget calls for some cuts of about ten faculty members as well as some sports and music programs. 

In the Holland Central School District -- voters are asked to decide on a budget -- that if approved would exceed the mandated state tax cap. But it can only be adopted if the district receives more than a simple majority of votes by Tuesday evening.

Ving times vary in school districts, but statewide voting closes at 9 p.m.