State invests $175 million on clean energy plants

Sep 28, 2015

New York State is investing millions in clean energy alternatives, with some of the funds being directed toward the Southern Tier.

View from below a wind turbine
Credit WBFO News file photo

New York State is pushing hard for alternatives to conventional fossil fuel power generation, even more important with the pressure to close the state's network of nuclear plants.

Governor Cuomo has just funneled $175 million toward five large-scale clean energy plants like an expanded hydro-electric plant in Lewis County and a wind farm in Villenova and Hanover in Chautauqua County. That's good news, says County Executive Vince Horrigan.
"We have several projects with that wind that's coming off the lake on the Escarpment, several projects that are being considered, notes Horrigan. "With the latest announcement from the governor. Ball Hill Wind Farm, really in Villenova and Hanover area would be the third project that is being considered here in Chautauqua County."

Horrigan says the county hasn't heard much from sponsors R.E.S. America Developments but will be getting to them now. He says it's part of an array of alternative energy sources, like the methane plant supplied by the county landfill.