State legislature passes bill allowing Amigone to move its crematory

Jun 8, 2021

The state Senate and Assembly have each passed a bill that would allow Amigone Funeral Home to relocate its Town of Tonawanda crematory from a residential area on Sheridan Drive near Parker Boulevard to a non-residential area approved by the town.

The new measure, which still requires the signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amends state law that prohibits the construction of new combination funeral home-crematories and the relocation of those that opened prior to the establishment of this law.

The crematory was closed in 2012 for violating state clean air laws, but resumed operation in 2018. It was again shut down for four months last September after its pollution control system failed, releasing black smoke into their air for more than an hour.

In January, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation allowed Amigone to resume operations at the crematory.

The state legislation was sponsored by state Sen. Sean Ryan (D-Buffalo) and Assemblymember Bill Conrad (D-Town of Tonawanda).