State offering free replacements for peeling license plates

May 18, 2015

Is your license plate showing signs of peeling? If so, you're not alone. 

Many New Yorkers have recently found the lamination on their Empire Blue and White plates coming off. Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs says the problem stems from a defect in the manufacturing process. He is asking motorists experiencing the issue to bring their plate into a county auto bureau, where it will be replaced at no cost. 

"The state had told us it was a limited problem, but it seems to be more pronounced now," Jacobs told WBFO. We've gotten the state to agree to waive any fee."

Anyone with a peeling license plate can have it replaced at no cost.

Jacobs says drivers can be issued a ticket if their plate is not in an easily readable condition. He says it is incumbent upon the motorist to obtain a replacement.

"Be aware that if that plate is peeling significantly and it's not very visible, an officer could write you a ticket," said Jacobs.

The one downside for people who like the old white and blue plates, he says, is that you will be issued a newer Empire Gold plate as a replacement.