State Republicans envision election success

Oct 9, 2012

With the election four weeks away, New York's Republican chairmanĀ  Ed Cox says things are looking good for his party, no matter what public polls say.

While the national attention may be on the presidential race, for politicians the most important races can be down ballot. Those are the U.S. Senate and Congressional races, and in New York the state legislative races.

There is a wild card this year with re-districting leaving many voters and candidates slightly disconnected by new boundary lines.

The Republican chairman says his party has intensity and its polls are showing far better possibilities than the public polls.

Cox says a Barack Obama victory in New York over Mitt Romney isn't a certainty, looking back to theĀ  race between incumbent Jimmy Carter and challenger Ronald Reagan.

"In 1980, they said that Carter the incumbent was going to carry New York State and, guess what, the challenger, Ronald Reagan (won)," Cox told WBFO News.

"People said he was too old and too conservative. Let me tell you, in that debate with Carter he showed how good he was and not only did he win most of the Republican states, he also won New York State."

Cox says his polls suggest Republicans might pick up as many as four Congressional seats, saying Chris Collins will beat incumbent Representative Kathy Hochul.