State streamlines support online for crime victims

Apr 13, 2015

Crime victims in need of help paying medical bills or other related expenses can now apply for support from New York State online.

The State Office of Victim Services works with victims of crime who may have lost wages, need help paying doctor's bills or even moving expenses.  Director Elizabeth Cronin notes the agency provides financial compensation to victims of violent crime who need assistance.  She emphasizes the office is the "payer of last resort," noting medical bills should first go through the victim's health insurance.

The office also funds victim assistance programs across New York and advocates on behalf of victims, according to Cronin. 

The NYS Office of Victim Services has launched an online portal to aid victims of crime in applying for support.
Credit Courtesy of the State Office of Victim Services

In an effort to improve services and ease the process for victims, the state has created an online Victim Service Portal accessible to victim assistance programs locally. The portal is aimed at streamlining the application process.  To find a program near you, click here.

WBFO Morning Edition Host Jay Moran spoke with Elizabeth Cronin, Director of the State Office of Victim Services, about the mission of the agency and the new online support available to crime victims.