Student brings gun to school

Jan 23, 2017

A student was arrested for allegedly carrying a gun into school Monday morning. It happened at the Baker Hall School in Lackawanna. Baker Victory Services spokesman John Pitts tells WBFO News the gun was discovered as the student entered the school building.  

“He went through standard security protocol, so he went through our metal detector. Upon going through the metal detector, it did trigger a response from the machine.  At the time, he was asked to submit to a search relating to himself and any bags that were on him at the time. He freely gave over the bags and submitted to the search.  Upon exploring the bags, it was found there was a weapon on him,” Pitts explained.

Baker Hall School in Lackawanna
Credit Photo from Google Maps

The staff contacted Lackawanna Police and confiscated the weapon. Police arrested the student. The school could not offer the identification of the student due to privacy rules.

The school and Our Lady of Victory campus were both placed in lockdown earlier Monday. Students were released Monday afternoon at their normal dismissal before 3 p.m.

WBFO has reached out to the Lackawanna Police Department for information about the arrest, but we have not yet received a response at this time.