Successful Emerson school expanding into new building

Apr 28, 2015

With new restaurants coming on line all of the time and more hotels in the works or under construction, Buffalo schools are preparing to train even more kids for those jobs of the future.

For the moment, it's called Emerson Two and will eventually be separate from the thriving Emerson on Chippewa Street. School officials have bid documents on the street right now looking to repair the roof on Triangle Academy on Seneca Street in South Buffalo as a temporary home for the new school. That's until it can move to a new complex the board will lease in Larkinville.

"We know that every child isn't going to go to college. They don't want to go to college. And, perhaps they aren't prepared to go to college and so we have to offer them alternatives and actually jobs in the STEM fields pay very well, in many instances. And, so I think that this is a really positive move and I'm very excited about the fact that we're expanding Emerson," said school board member Barbara Seals Nevergold.

This fall, the new school will open with 125 freshmen and another 125 a year later. In the first two years, students really don't do much except classroom work so the district and the builders of the Larkinville complex can prepare for 2017 when the students of the new school move into their new home and prepare to cook.