Support building for participatory budgeting

Apr 10, 2015

The Common Council chamber Thursday night was full supporters of participatory budgeting as they offered thoughts on how to give the public a voice in how the city spends its capital money.

A vocal crowd was on hand Thursday night in Council chambers to discuss participatory budgeting.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

It's an idea used around the world which is spreading across this country, the idea of having public meetings where citizens thrash out what they see as the priorities and what to spend money on. The plan takes control of some money away from the usual practices in government.

In New York City, some Council districts have $1 million that is divided by participants.

During Thursday night's meeting, Janice Nelson says there should be more resources for young people, like keeping schools open in the evening.
"My concern is the youth, that they have nothing. And, I'd like to see some programs put in place and see some money come, so that these children who are being murdered and shooting, killing each other it can be reversed and can be turned around," Nelson said.

There were some other spending suggestions, like nine-year-old Danasia Montgomery pleading for more parks and better maintained parks for young people and their families across the city, which brought cheers from the crowded room.