Taglianetti trial winding down

Nov 6, 2013

The jury in the trial of the Virginia man accused of killing the superintendent of the Clymer Central School District could be handed the case as soon as Thursday.

Anthony Taglianetti's defense attorney called only one witness to the stand Wednesday. A Chautauqua County Sheriff's Deputy testified about the many weapons discovered in the home of Keith Reed, who was gunned down last September outside his Clymer home. 

A jury could begin deliberating the fate of Anthony Taglianetti as soon as Thursday.
Credit File photo

Prosecutors says Taglianetti killed Reed when he discovered an explicit email exchange between Reed and his wife. The two had had a brief affair two years earlier. 

The prosecution called several witnesses over the first two weeks of the trial, including Taglianetti's wife Mary.

The defense has not rested and it is not clear whether any more witnesses will be called. Jurors have been excused for the rest of the day.