Tappo Day Club offers apology for 'racist' dress code

Jun 3, 2021

A recently posted dress code by developer Rocco Termini's new Tappo Day Club has been withdrawn after widespread complaints on social media.

The dress code for the Chandler Street club in Buffalo's Black Rock neighborhood forbade ripped jeans, hoodies, flat brim hats and women's headwraps among 16 restrictions that were criticized as being discriminatory and racist.

The dress code was implemented after a physical altercation brought Buffalo Police to the club's opening on May 22.

However, in a Tappo Facebook post Thursday, owner Rocco Termini said it would be changed.

"We apologize to anyone and everyone that we offended and are immediately revising the content of the dress code policy," Termini said.

Tappo Owner Rocco Termini offered this statement on Facebook Thursday.
Credit Tappo Day Club / Facebook