Taxpayers footing bill for state's extra primaries

Jun 22, 2012

Tuesday is election day, one of several this year in New York State.

The primary election schedule for this year included presidential primaries April 24 with almost no one voting, Tuesday's Republican senatorial and congressional primaries, and local and state votes September 13.

That was supposed to be September 11 but the date was changed to a Thursday because Tuesday was the anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11.

And, or course there is a presidential election November 6.

Democratic Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward says elections officials around the state worked hard to get Albany to have only two primary votes, or even one, but it didn't happen.

"We've guesstimated in Erie County that it's at least $325,000 for Erie County," Ward said. 

"It may be a little bit more than that and some of the costs are difficult to assess until afterwards but  it should be well in excess of $300,000 at this time.

For New York City, Tuesday's vote is estimated to cost $23 million.