Technology investment targeted for ECC North campus

Jan 4, 2016

Erie Community College is returning to its roots in technical training.

The college is starting construction of its new STEM building at the North Campus in March, a major investment in science education. Next door is the old Bretschger Hall, worn by six decades of use. It's getting a nearly $6 million rehab as a home for the college's new nanotech program.

"We designed our whole new nanotechnology degree around it. And, lo and behold, we were successful, against many odds we got the $5.7 million," said College President Jack Quinn.

"We're completely renovating the Bretschger wing out there, at the North Campus. Where, by the way, we're expected to break ground on the new STEM building at the North Campus, just on the other side of where this work on nanotechnology is going."

Quinn says employers are coming to the college and saying our workforce is retiring and we don't have replacements: Can you train them? He says not everyone wants to go to college and these are good jobs with really good salaries based on as little as a year's training at ECC.