Teen refugee living in Buffalo cries for war to end in Syria

Apr 7, 2017

Thursday evening President Donald Trump order military action against Syria. Missiles were launched against a Syrian air base in response to this week's chemical attack on civilians.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley talked with a Buffalo high school student, who is a Syrian refugee, and supports the United States response.  

"My country exists, though the war is so, so, so not good. People are not good in my country, Syria,” declared Tareg Zabadane, Lafayette International high school student.

Tareg Zabadane Lafayette International
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

Zabadane arrived in Buffalo with his parents and two brothers just about seven months ago. They were living in a refugee camp in Jordan.  He supports the President's decision to show force against Syria. Zabadane teared up as he called for an end to abuse to Syrians.

“Because my life is so hard in Jordan. It's not good people in Jordan and not good people in Lebanon, but not a lot of people in country. But so hard – my life,” Zabadane said.

WBFO asked him what he witnessed while living in Syria. He was emotional and declared "stop war.”

Zabadane is an honor roll student and continues to work on learning English.  He tells us he hopes to be a journalist someday.  Zabadane says very appreciative to be in the U.S. because he has his freedom.