Tensions easing between state and county Democrats

Sep 17, 2014

After years of little productive contact, Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner appears to be on favorable terms with the Cuomo Administration. Buffalo News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy says the work of  local Democrats provided a Primary Day boost to Cuomo's running mate Kathy Hochul.

"As it turns out, Kathy Hochul helped the whole Cuomo effort," said McCarthy in analyzing Primary Day figures from around the state.

"There were more votes cast in Erie County for Cuomo in the primary than in the Bronx, which is a much bigger area in Democratic registration."

That success may have contributed to Zellner's appearance with Cuomo and Hochul as the running mates celebrated their primary victory in Buffalo. Previously, Zellner and other top county party officials were often left out of  local events involving state leaders.

Bob McCarthy will be appearing on Morning Edition every Wednesday through Election Day on WBFO.