Termini planning rebirth of Buffalo's Chandler Street

Jul 5, 2017

There is yet another craft brewery on the way, in a planned neighborhood for millennial entrepreneurs in North Buffalo.

The city Planning Board has approved developer Rocco Termini's plan for another business incubator at 166 Chandler Street, mixing a new building to house the Thin Man Brewery with a renovated building to house facilities serving the brewery and two floors for startup businesses.

Across the street, Termini is already rehabbing yet another startup building, which he said is already fully leased. Tenants are slated to arrive in February. He also is installing an array of recreational facilities to serve both buildings.

"There'll be a swimming pool there. There'll be tennis courts. There'll be volleyball courts," Termini said. "So there's a lot of things that the younger millennials that are working on the street will be able to take advantage of."

Termini said there will be more development, as he owns most of the vacant property along Chandler Street.

"This street is pretty desolate. There's really nothing on it," said Termini. "There used to be probably five or six additional buildings on it that all burned down. Our plan is to have a street with a lot of business incubators that have common goals and are able to share some of the amenities that we're putting in on the street."

Chandler is adjacent to the old Pierce-Arrow complex, which is seeing its giant buildings slowly readied for residential development while some industrial operations continue inside the old auto plant. This is all along Elmwood Avenue, with bars, restaurants and good Metro Bus service, something constantly seen as important to up-and-coming millennials.