Theater Talk: Diverse theaters offer different takes on Christmas

Dec 12, 2014

With all of the theaters in the Buffalo area, is there competition for the same audience?  Not so, Anthony Chase tells Peter Hall. Each local theater has a niche market which it serves.  For example, the audiences for "A Christmas Carol" currently at the Alleyway Theatre (and it its 32nd production) will be looking for nostalgia and something for their kids.  Subversive Theatre's "The Guns of Christmas" at the Many Fried Playhouse is both a political statement and a moving portrayal of the horrors of war. And the BUA's "Santa Claus is Coming Out" at The Mainstreet Cabaret or "The Santaland Diaries" at the Road Less Traveled Theatre will appeal to yet a third kind of audience looking for something different.

David C. Mitchell as Ebenezer Scrooge at the Alleyway Theatre

Back from New York City, Anthony talks about "The Elephant Man" starring two-time Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper who is getting back to his stage roots. Also, "The Oldest Boy" presents the question "What if your three year old child was the incarnation of the Lama?" And "The Big Apple Circus" sets up bigtop, animal housing, circus trailers and all on the plaza at Lincoln Center.