Theater Talk: As one door closes...

May 22, 2020

"Changing... it keeps changing" wrote Sondheim and it's now official. Neal Radice and his wife Joyce Stilson have handed over the venerable 40 year old Alleyway Theatre (over 150 productions to date not including 29 years of "Buffalo Quickies") to the next generation although "Buffalo Quickies" continue live on YouTube for the next two Sunday mornings at 11am.  We also note the passing of Joey Giambra and Lori McDonald, two longtime Buffalo theater notables. 

Neal Radice and Joyce Stilson stepping down from 40 years of steering the Alleyway Theater through the uncharted waters of dozens of new plays and over 150 productions, not including 29 years of "Buffalo Quickies."

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A message from the Alleyway retiring Executive Director Neal Radice:

Well, the time has arrived. It is certainly an odd time. So strange for the theatre to be empty these days. However, I set the end of this season as my retirement date, and, though masked by a health emergency, my departure time has arrived.After forty years, I can’t begin to thank all the people who have made my journey so artistically satisfying and so very happy, but you wouldn’t have a notion of what has been at the center of our successes if I didn’t offer my special thanks to Todd Warfield and my dear wife Joyce Stilson who is also moving on at this time.The loyalty that we’ve enjoyed from artists, staff, board members and volunteers over these many years has been the glue that has held Alleyway Theatre together.As Joyce and I leave Alleyway, we are comforted to know that the company I founded in 1980 will be in the capable, very talented hands of Chris J Handley and Robyn Horn and that they’ll be supported by the rest of the outstanding staff members who have joined us in recent months and years.I offer my sincerest thanks to the audience that has remained so loyal and engaged. I encourage everyone to keep an eye on Alleyway over the coming years as, under energetic new management, Alleyway Theatre grows into an even stronger force within this theatre community.Farewell, good health, please stay safe.-Neal Radice