There's a gender wage gap. Let's talk about it.

Feb 12, 2018

In just about every occupation, women earn less than men. For every dollar that a man makes, his female colleague earns about 80 cents, according  to the U.S. Department of Labor. On top of that, white, non-Hispanic and Asian women outearn Black and Hispanic women. In fact, the U.S. ranks at No. 49 in countries making the most progress toward equal pay.

This has real life consequences and we want to talk about it.

Do you have a story of finding out about unequal pay at your workplace? How has this played out in your life? Do you have ideas for solutions? Have you been a part of anything that's been successful in combating the wage gap?

This week, we're thinking about pay gaps. And we want to hear your questions or stories — no matter your gender. Drop us an email to or fill out the form below.

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