Thruway official 'shocked' at call girl investigation

Feb 4, 2015

Acting chair of the New York State Thruway Authority, Donna Luh, says she was never made aware of an investigation of high-level Thruway officials by the State Inspector General.

A Daily News report stated on Monday that the Inspector General’s office is looking into the alleged use of state-owned phones to arrange meetings with call girls. Luh says she is left in a surprised state.

“One of shock. And if true, very, very disappointed of course. But, as for right now, we’ve not seen any reports, but I’m very shocked,” said Luh.

No report from the Inspector General’s office has been released, and the names of those being investigated is unknown. The investigation is said to have been going on since as early as December. Three Thruway officials resigned late last year, including then-chair, Howard Milstein, who resigned in November. Luh says business is continuing as usual within the Thruway board.

“[We’re] going on with our regular thruway business right now, and I’m working with the rest of the board members. So there’s, certainly in an organization this large, a lot to look at, a lot to do, a lot to review,” Luh said.

Luh declined to comment on any charges members of the Thruway Authority might face.

“You know that’s all something our counsel will have to look into. And right now, until that comes out and we really know what’s going on, you know its best not to comment on that,” said Luh.