Tielman: Buffalo gives developer demo permit after Preservation Board approves landmark status

Feb 26, 2020

A battle is heating up over a historic West Utica Avenue home approved for landmark status by the Buffalo Preservation Board Tuesday evening. The property still may be bulldozed by the developer, as soon as Wednesday morning.

"The owner of the property, Nick Sinatra, was in City Hall in the Permits and Inspections Office, demanding that he be issued his demolition permit and then he vowed to come back this morning, with an attorney, to get this permit," said Tim Tielman, executive director of the Greater Buffalo Campaign, which has been trying to save the building. "I have just received a letter from Commissioner James Comerford saying he will issue a demolition permit. He hasĀ  quote, 'no choice.' That is not true."

Tielman said the City can refuse to issue a demolition permit and let the "mandated" preservation process take its course, which includes a public hearing through Buffalo's Common Council. The Council meets again Tuesday.

Tielman said the home was designed by premier architect Albert Schallmo in 1907, and the last owner of the property was artist Rodney Taylor, who has the opening show at the Albright-Knox's temporary location on Northland Avenue. WBFO's Marian Hetherly talked more with him about the property.