Tonawanda Coke plant smoke stacks demolished

Jun 5, 2021

The three smoke stacks at the closed Tonawanda Coke plant were imploded this morning.

The demolition occurs after years of controversy, environmental concerns and community organizing surrounding the Tonawanda plant.

The facility officially closed in 2018 after significant community pushback tot he facility, which many considered an environmental hazard. Environmental remediation efforts at the site are ongoing.

Members of the Clean Air Coalition said that Saturday's demolition of the three smoke stacks marked a victory, but it doesn't tell the full story of "over 100 years of harm done to our community" at the plant.

"It doesn't reflect the exhaustive measures expended to force the responsible parties to finally correct epic wrongs," said Clean Air member Gary Schulenberg. "Remembering the past is the only way forward to guide our future."