Tonawanda couple set on fire in suspected custody dispute

Dec 18, 2018

A City of Tonawanda couple are in the Erie County Medical Center Burn Unit Tuesday after what police say was a domestic dispute.

Credit City of Tonawanda Police

City Police Capt. Fredric Foels says officers were called to the scene Monday afternoon at the "busy" Tim Horton's on Niagara Street at Seymour Street for a person on fire. However, when they arrived, officers discovered two people were on fire.

Foels says the female was working at the Tim Horton's when her boyfriend "showed up with a plastic container with some sort of flammable liquid."

The boyfriend "was lying in wait by the dumpster," emerged, then sprayed his girlfriend with the liquid, catching her on fire. In doing so, however, Foels says the man also caught himself on fire.

Foels says police had been called to the couple's house recently over a custody dispute. The couple has not yet been identified.