Tonawanda woman, 83, charged in death of 89-year-old husband

Jul 8, 2014

Town of Tonawanda Police have arrested an 83-year-old woman and charged her with the murder of her 89-year-old husband. 

Police were summoned to a home at 161 Hawthorne Sunday night at the request of the couple's landlord. When officers arrived, they found blood on the clothes of Phyllis Eson. 

Phylis Eson, 83, faces a murder charge in the death of her husband.
Credit Town of Tonawanda Police

Upon investigation, they found Norman Eson's deceased body on the floor. Police say he has been dead for several hours. An autopsy shows the already-frail man died of blunt force trauma from blows to the head. 

Phylis Eson faces a charge of second-degree murder. She will be arraigned next Monday, July 14, at 4 p.m.