Torn Space Theater presents "A Clockwork Orange"

Sep 26, 2013

A stage production of "A Clockwork Orange"  appears on stage at Buffalo's Torn Space Theater through October 13th. According to director David Oliver, the stage version of  "A Clockwork Orange" has been produced often in other parts of the world but it has appeared only a few times in the United States.

"The challenge is how to 'theatricalize' it. Fortunately, we have a wonderful German set designer," Oliver said.

"We have a large steel frame set with moveable pieces. That sort of cage-like setting becomes the world of Clockwork Orange as we're doing it. You can see that it is very physical, very visual, but not the like the film at all. I mean you're there. You can hear the clanging of the steel. The clanging of steel becomes a part of the ambience of the story and the production."   

The Torn Space Theater production of "A Clockwork Orange" can be seen on stage at the Adam Mickiewicz Dramatic Circle at 612 Fillmore Avenue.