Toronto Police broadcasting daily newscasts on YouTube

Dec 18, 2017

Toronto’s police force has begun a new service to the public, a daily broadcast on YouTube.

Constable Caroline de Kloet gave the Toronto Police update in a recent broadcast.

The broadcast is an effort to open a direct channel to reach the public and communicate initiatives to provide information to the public about what crimes were committed overnight or the previous day.

A spokesperson says it’s also a chance to highlight positive police actions or individual officers. The three-minute newscast every morning at 10 a.m. is aimed at letting informing people in the city about what their police force is doing and will build on social media activities already underway.

The broadcast may include robberies, missing persons reports, accidents and even more bizarre occurrences.
“I was patrolling the Hwy. 27 and Finch area and it was rush hour and it was really heavy traffic. And I saw a vehicle beside. And the gentleman was driving and he was clipping his nails while he was steering with his knees. Then I attempted to stop this vehicle and he decided to drive away from me,” said officer Fen Wiggerman
The man’s vehicle crashed and caught fire. It turned out the vehicle was stolen and the driver was wanted in Alberta in more than a dozen cases of auto theft.

The police say the show won’t cost any extra money and it will be hosted, at first, by members of the force’s media relations division.