Toronto weighing bid for 2024 Olympics

Aug 13, 2015

Toronto may be edging closer to making another bid for the Olympic Games. Mayor John Tory met with the head of the Canadian Olympic Committee this week.

The talks focused on recent changes in the bidding process. Tory also wanted to find more about Toronto's two previous bids that failed. It was unsuccessful in bidding for the 1996 and 2008 Olympics. He is now receiving some pressure to make a pitch for the 2024 games.

A spokeswoman for the mayor's office says the discussions are part of the due diligence Tory has to conduct before there can be any decision on the bid.

Tory has already said publicly he wants to weigh the pros and cons of a bid before making a decision.
"This is a very big decision and it should be taken carefully and based on facts and some degree of analysis that you can do. That will have to await the ParaPanAm Games being completed and the time needed to do that analysis," Tory said.
A formal bid would have to be sent in a letter as an expression of interest to the International Olympic Committee. Tory says he would have to send that letter, but not before consultations with other levels of government, industry and sports associations.

The Canadian Olympic Committee is, however, on board and wants Toronto to make a pitch. The COC says the recent Pan Am Games held in the city shows that Toronto can handle a major multi-sport competition.

Cities looking to host the 2024 Games have until mid-September to formally express their interest.