Town of Tonawanda police chief abruptly requests retirement

Aug 20, 2019

Town of Tonawanda Police Chief Jerome Uschold has announced his request to retire from the force. Uschold submitted his request to staff Monday and to the Town Board Tuesday night.

There have been some challenges during Uschold's tenure, including the arrests of two police officers, the suspension of the town's SWAT team and the cancellation of a pay raise for the chief.

Town Supervisor Joseph Emminger said he believes Uschold is stepping down for the good of the department.

"He told me on numerous occasions over the last four-and-a-half, five years he's been chief that he would always put the Police Department and the Town of Tonawanda interests before of his own personal interest, and I think his action yesterday did exactly that," Emminger told WBFO.

Assistant Police Chief Jim Stauffiger is now the town's acting police chief. Processing of Uschold's retirement papers may take a couple of weeks, but should be available for action at the next Town Board meeting.

"I have full confidence in Chief Stauffinger and full confidence in the men and women of our police force and, youknow, it's an opportunity for everybody in the police department now - right down from the acting chief to the patrolmen we most recently hired - it's an opportunity for them to be part of a new chapter in our town police force," Emminger said.