Tracy Mitrano the apparent winner to face off against Rep. Tom Reed

Jul 5, 2018

It’s not official yet, but it appears that Yates County resident Tracy Mitrano is the winner of the Democratic Primary in the 23rd Congressional District. Five candidates were running for the nomination in an effort to challenge Republican incumbent Tom Reed this fall.

After the initial vote tally on June 26,  Max Della Pia of Owego was actually leading Mitrano by just 26 votes. But on Tuesday, Della Pia posted on Facebook that although the final results of the primary will not be certified until at least Thursday, it has become clear that the absentee ballots will not break in his favor.

Mitrano complimented Della Pia for the way he conceded.

“He recognized not only the direction that they have taken, even though Yates (County)  has yet to go, but that he knows time is of the essence for us to work together and start our effort to campaign for the November general election,” she told WXXI News.

Mitrano also thanked Della Pia on her Facebook page.

Mitrano, who lives in Penn Yan but grew up in Rochester, is hopeful that all of the candidates from the recent campaign will work together for a Democratic win in November.