Trump, Clinton enjoy poll leads heading into New York primary

Apr 1, 2016

Ahead of New York's presidential primary April 19th, a new Quinnipiac University Poll shows a "home-court" advantage for each party's front runner.

A new poll shows Donald Trump leading Republican challengers in New York. It's a different story against Democrats in the November election.
Credit from Donald J

Pollster Mickey Carroll says former New York Senator Hillary Clinton tops Bernie Sanders 54-to-42 percent. 

Among Republicans Carroll says New York City developer Donald Trump leads with 56 percent followed by Ted Cruz at 20 percent and John Kasich with 19 percent.

"That's where the good news ends for any Republicans," Carroll added. 

"It's still a blue state, a deep blue state. If you put eiether Clinton or Sanders against any of the Republicans, they wipe them out. No trouble at all."

In November's general election, the poll shows Clinton beating Trump 53 to 33 percent. And Sanders topping Trump 56 to 32 percent.