Two Buffalo Police officers facing felony charges are back on the payroll

Jul 6, 2020

Two Buffalo Police officers suspended without pay and facing felony assault charges in connection with the shoving of a protester in Niagara Square last month are now back on the payroll.

Officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe were recorded by WBFO News shoving protester Martin Gugino, 75, to the ground. Gugino was hospitalized for nearly a month with serious head injuries.

That video went viral globally and led to the felony assault charges filed by Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. In addition to the DA's investigation, the Buffalo Police Internal Affairs Bureau is looking into the matter.

Police Spokesman Capt. Jeff Rinaldo said under the Buffalo Police union contract, officers can be suspended without pay only for 30 days. The suspensions continue, but with pay for the two officers involved.